"Adam 2.0!"  Dr. Debbie Brewer  January 29, 2016

"Put Out The Fire!"  Dr. Jean  January 20, 2016

"Happy New Year 2016!"  from cLife Ministries

We are proud to announce that you can now add the cLife TV channel to your Roku box with one click!

Powerful testimonies, entertaining extras plus Dr. Jean & Dr. Debbie (Dr. Daryl throws in occasionally) teaching the anointed Word of God in HD right on your wide screen television!!

If you already have Roku, just go to to the Channel Store on your Roku device and look in "Religion and Spirituality"....then add cLife TV channel.

Roku is an internet television device that wirelessly connects to your home WiFi!  Once connected to your television you can add over 750 channels or just one! ( we recommend cLife TV)

Choose what you want to watch...when you want to watch it!  With FREE Channels like TBN, Daystar, Kenneth Copeland Ministries, Kenneth Hagin Ministries, Andrew Womack....and fee based channels like The Blaze TV (Glenn Beck), Netflix, HuluPlus, Amazon and much, much more!

Visit the Roku website to learn more!

Prayer Answered!

Want to know the power of prayer?  Want to see the power and miracle of God's healing hand?

After 5 hours of having 3 surgeons cutting a cancerous tumor out of my father's brain.

Today, he was up drinking coffee and telling us just how much he loves all of us and giving God the glory for all of it within just a few hours after coming out from the O.R.!!!

Need a witness for God?  Here you go!!!!

Thanks again for your prayers, Len

 (posted by Mark Carroll, the patient's son and sent to cLife by Len Shannon)


clife TV Flashback!

iPhone and iPad App now available!

Now you can get the "cLife Ministries" app for your iPhone or iPad!

Get all of the videos and more from cLife Ministries right on your iPhone or iPad.  Convenient and easy to use!
Go to the App Store on your iPhone or iPad and search for "cLife Ministries",  It's FREE to download and use.
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